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STEPS (Support, Treatment, Education, Prevention and Sustainability) have been involved in alcohol and drug abuse prevention and treatment since its inception in 2015. Although STEPS had been mooted since 2015, it was only in April 2017 that a group of like minded individuals formally decided to form a voluntary not for profit organization that would initially start off by assisting and working with communities in rebuilding lives affected by alcohol / substance abuse and HIV / AIDS.

STEPS had been operating a Drug De-addiction Centre at Bhubaneswar, which became the official project of the registered entity since 2017. Based on the principle of dignity and respect. In 2017-18, STEPS was a 25 bedded rehabilitation Centre, STEPS today is a 30 bedded drug and alcohol treatment cum rehabilitation Centre that provides in-patient (residential) detoxification and treatment for those with alcohol and/or substance abuse issues.

STEPS follow the 12-step recovery model of Narcotics Anonymous and Alcohol Anonymous and undertake In-house Care Center with Rehabilitation Services, Therapeutic Counseling, Alternate Therapies and Psychiatric Intervention for Transforming Lives, Building Independence. Under the guidance of Dr. Surjeet Sahoo, Psychiatric Intervention are being taken up.

We also guide family to support addiction treatment, which a major factor for making an individual stay away from alcohol/Drugs. In 2017-18, treatment of 81 patients was carried out and in 2018-19 treatment of 85 patients was done. And we look forward to get upgraded to a 40 bedded Rehabilitation Centre in 2019-20.

Our Mission

"To improve the physical, spiritual and emotional health of the alcoholic and chemically dependent person and his family through an integrated system of detoxification and counseling services based on a balanced program of patient care, education and performance measurement"

Our Motto

"To be the alcohol and chemical dependency health care provider of choice"

Our Vision

Service Orientation:
  • Our physicians and staff use their skills, creativity, energy and loyalty as resources for effective and quality services in which we serve.
Individual Dignity:
  • We provide humane, compassionate and expert care, always emphasizing the dignity of the individual.
  • We take pride in recognizing and empowering good people who demonstrate the importance and value of teamwork.
Physical Leadership:
  • We are physician-led and value orientation in counseling, across our entire organization and within the communities we serve
  • Diversity among physicians, staff, Clients and volunteers promotes an environment of mutual support and respect.
  • We believe in the intellectual and professional pursuit of new knowledge, and its dissemination to colleagues and the public at large, as an instrument of our health system that adds value to all of our clients.


The Below mentioned core values are referred and are the guiding principles of STEPS;
  • Long-term, Residential Treatment
  • 12-step Recovery Model
  • Recovery Planning
  • Abstinence based
  • Relapse prevention
  • Life skills
  • Group work
  • Family-focused
  • Spiritual framework
Name of the Organization
Registered Office with Telephone number and email ID
Plot No 518/43,MIG-II, Phase-1, BDA Colony,
Chandrasekharpur, Bhubaneswar-751016
Project Offices
STEPS (De-addiction Centre)
Plot - 1/117/659, Lane-4, Bharatpur,
PS-Khandagiri, Bhubaneswar- 751003
Contact- +91-8658691532, +91-7873537322
Contact Person
Mr. Prasanta Narayan Dash,
Director-cum-Managing Trustee,
STEPS Mobile No.- +91-9437541619
Registration Details
Registration No. 40391701514 of 2017-18
under Indian Trusts Act, 1882
PAN Number
Audited Income and Expenditure
Statement and Balance Sheets for
the 2018-19 certified by Chartered


1. STEPS (Support, Training, Education, Prevention and Sustainability) STEPS are long term, residential treatment program lasting from 30 to 90 days. The length of the program is important because it gives you time in a healthy, drug-free environment to learn to live without alcohol and other drugs
  • 12-Step recovery model - as part of your recovery, you will be required to work through the "12-Steps". This involves coming to terms with the reality of alcoholism and addiction, breaking through denial, learning to rely on other more healthy and positive approaches instead of one's own often self destructive thinking and behavior and eventually embracing a lifestyle and attitude steeped in positivity.
  • Cognitive Behavioural Coping Skills Training (CBST) - Although by and large a 12 Step treatment program, STEPS does acknowledge and incorporate elements of CBST:
  1. Relapse Prevention - Relapse or a return to addiction after a period of abstinence remains a harsh reality and we at STEPS educate you on the various warning signs leading up to a relapse and how to deal with them instead of giving in to the urge to use alcohol or other drugs.
  2. Recovery Planning - Working on the premise that a life free from alcohol and
    Drugs are not a bed of roses, we prepare you for life outside of STEPS. This includes daily activities, a routine balanced life and exposure to support groups.
  3. Life Skills - It has been seen that people with substance abuse issues generally
    have poor life skills. The World Health Organisation has listed 10 core life skills that can fit into three broad categories: Thinking skills; Social Skills and Negotiation Skills. Through re-educative sessions you will learn how a poor utilisation of these have impacted your life and accordingly learn to use and
    incorporate life skills for a better life.
  • Group work - Group work provides a forum for you to explore your personal issues, at the same time helping you build effective communication skills with other people. This allows you, while focusing on your own recovery, to also learn about other people and take time to attend to their needs as well as your own.
  • Abstinence based – STEPS aims to help you achieve abstinence; that's our goal. For example, an alcoholic doesn't become a social drinker and an addict doesn't become a 'recreational user. The reason we advocate abstinence from alcohol and other drugs is that there is a strong tendency for people to swap addictions and to relapse after abstaining for a period of time.
  • Spiritual framework - We believe that a spiritual base is essential to the program. We recognize that humans are emotional, mental and spiritual beings and want to help you reach your full potential. The 12-Steps itself is a spiritual recovery model because an important part of recovery is admitting a sense of powerlessness over our addictive behaviour. This admittance and its follow up actions are designed to take one out of himself, in essence to stop relying on self and instead to start depending upon a healthier and more prudent body of wisdom and experience.
  • Family-focused - During and after the program, intervention and support for family and significant others is encouraged and offered. Where breakdown has occurred, we aim to help you rebuild damaged relationships if possible. We also realise your family may need help to understand the new person who's coming into their family circle again! We offer support in this regard.

STEPS offer both a/c as well as non a/c accommodation with attached bathrooms and a seated dining area. Spacious well-ventilated rooms and ample open area provide for a therapeutic setting. However, the therapeutic counselling sessions are the icing on the cake.